October 26th Patient Rights Day

October 26th Patient Rights Day

October 26th Patient Rights Day
Upload date : 26.10.2020

Today is October 26th, Patient Rights Day. Patient Rights were first adopted with the Lisbon Declaration published in the 34th General Assembly of the World Medical Association held in Lisbon in 1981. Later, it was amended at the 47th World Medical Association Congress (Bali, September 1995), it was reviewed and revised in the 171st Council Session (Chile, October 2005). The legal regulation at the national level is included in the legislation such as Medical Deontology Regulation, Patient Rights Regulation, Human Rights and Biomedicine Convention. In 1998, October 26 was accepted as "Patient Rights Day" in our country.

Although the Declaration takes into account that practical, moral and legal difficulties may exist, it requires the physician to always act both in his own conscience and in the best interests of the patient. If the legal situation or the attitude of the government ignores these rights of patients, physicians should seek ways to obtain or restore these rights. The declaration covers the following issues:

- the right to qualified medical care

Freedom to choose

- The right to self-determination

Unconscious patient

- Patient without legal capacity

- Interventions made against the wishes of the patient

- Right to be informed

- Right to privacy

- the right to health education

- the right to demand respect for his dignity and privacy

Right to religious support

Patient rights cannot be separated from good medicine and basic human rights. Adverse developments in the field of health gradually increase the inequalities in accessing qualified health services and cause patients to fall into victim situations frequently. Unlike what is presented with "encouraging expressions", the policies implemented by the government under the name of "Health Transformation Program", operating the health unit considers the patient as a customer. Regulations made as if complying with patient rights are therefore nothing more than just show. It is against the rights of patients to transform health into a field of profit, health service into a commodity that is bought and sold.

Considering that patients can receive qualified healthcare services depends on the change in the applied health policies, the Turkish Medical Association will not stop repeating the demand for “equal, qualified, accessible and free healthcare for all” in order to fully realize patient rights.

The attached declaration states some of the basic rights that the medical profession tries to provide to its patients.

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